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Welcome to Avicenna Dental Company!

Avicenna Dental Company has been operating in the market of dental services since 1994. Our clinic is located in a separate building in the center of Khmelnitsky in 26, Pilipchuk str. We provide all types of dental services according to the highest modern standards. License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 8 dated March 3, 2011.  Currently staff of the company has 26 people, including doctors, dental technicians, administrators, engineering service, etc.Avicenna Dental Clinic

Our advantages:
  1. We solve any dental problems
    In Avicenna Company we provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, orthodontic, orthopedic, surgical and aesthetic dental services. We ensure that all kinds of work will be done directly in company, creating closed technological cycle.
  2. At the highest level
    In Avicenna Company we have the best specialists. There are all latest technologies and no lack in modern equipment. In Avicenna we provide the most innovative dental services of the highest quality and guarantee the result.
  3. With maximal comfort
    In Avicenna Company not only our doctors but all the staff work according to the highest standards of the world's leading dental clinics. You have never been so comfortable, convenient and easily treated!
  4. On the way to a beautiful smile
    In Avicenna Company we offer complex solutions to create and maintain beautiful smiles. We give the patient an opportunity to plan his treatment according to his time, necessary procedures and financial costs.